Tooth brushing Mistake No.8: “Not Following Up With a Rinse”


There are professional opinions and studies to support both sides of this issue, so a person has to decide what the right answer is for the whole family so they can take the best possible care of their teeth.

Why You Should Follow Up With A Rinse

  1. Rinse well after brushing and flossing because it clears your mouth of all the food debris and plaque that you just removed.
  2. Do your routine the last thing before going to bed when there is no more eating or drinking.
  3. Use plain water to rinse and then use a mouthwash with fluoride, which will help against decay and help to strengthen the teeth.
  4. Do not rinse first, for brushing will take it off. The rinse is meant for afterwards so that it can continue to work its beneficial effect of the daily tooth-protecting fluoride exposure.
  5. Rinsing is important because swallowing toothpaste can irritate the stomach.

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Tooth brushing Mistake No.8: “Not Following Up With a Rinse”