Teeth-friendly Fruits & Vegetables No. 9: Cucumber 1

Teeth-friendly Fruits & Vegetables No. 9: Cucumber


Fruits and vegetables are generally known to be good for the body, irrespective of the type. Unfortunately, some fruits and veggies are considered off-limits to certain people, people who have braces. An expert orthodontist would suggest these people to keep away from foods that have a tendency to ‘snag’ on them or get stuck between their teeth.  If your child has recently had been to the orthodontist for teeth correction, focusing on teeth and gum-healthy fruits and veggies like cucumber that don’t interfere with the corrective brace is important. Newly installed braces will inevitable cause slight inflammation or swelling of the gums, but parents can find comfort knowing there is a healthy food that will bring some relief to their child, cucumbers.

Cucumber – Helps Keep Teeth and Gums Clean

This humble vegetable, which is technically a fruit, not only helps to keep teeth and gums clean, and protected from microbes, but it will not snag on your child’s brace. In fact, cucumber will help keep them clean, thanks to their fibrous nature.

The juice of cucumber itself has long been known to provide some degree of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. For kids having a bit of trouble with the swelling that comes with new or recent brace installation or adjustment, here’s why chewing cucumbers can help:

• It helps keep teeth clean thanks to its fibrous nature
• Naturally cleans plaque and food deposits stuck in between teeth and brace
• Long been used to treat gingivitis and other gum problems
• The juice is believed to help reduce inflammation or swelling, and prevent infections
• Used traditionally as a treatment for pyorrhea

If your orthodontist is someone who likes a more natural approach to things, he or she may recommend cucumbers as an excellent healthy snack for your child to have on a regular basis, if strictly for the sake of tooth and gum health. If your child is wearing Invisalign, snacking on cucumbers will not in any way affect the wear and durability of Invisalign braces.

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