Tooth brushing Mistake No.9: “Not Letting the Toothbrush Dry”


You may think that once you’ve got your kids brushing their teeth regularly without constant reminders from you, you have won the battle of teaching your kids great dental habits. If you have spent time and money at the orthodontist getting Invisalign braces for your kids, then the last thing you want to do is fail to make sure they take the best care of their teeth that they can. But there are plenty of mistakes that can be made even if you are brushing on a regular basis, and not all of them are even connected to the way that you brush your teeth.

Why You Should Let Your Toothbrush Dry

One of those mistakes is not letting the toothbrush dry. This might be one you’ve never even thought of. After all, when you hear about dental health, it’s usually all about making sure that you brush and floss regularly, avoiding too many sweets and getting regular check-ups. If you are told anything about your toothbrush, it’s usually that you need to make sure that it has the right type of bristles.

But just as leaving anything wet can lead to the growth of bacteria, this is true for your toothbrush as well. When you have finished using your toothbrush, you should rinse it and then set it someplace where it will dry. The best way to store it is upright. Even if you brush your teeth several times each day, your toothbrush should have enough time to air dry if it is left in that position.

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Tooth brushing Mistake No.9: “Not Letting the Toothbrush Dry”