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Wearing [Braces and Pregnancy]: Can I Wear Braces If I’m Pregnant?

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pregnancyWearing Braces and Pregnancy: Can I Wear Braces If I’m Pregnant?

Age does not matter; image is everything, or so goes a cliché. It can never be too late to have a perfect smile or to go for improved dental health. However, many women of child-bearing age often wonder whether it is ok for them to wear braces while they are pregnant.

The simple answer is yes; even while you are pregnant, wearing braces will not affect your health or endanger the life of the fetus in your stomach. But there are still things you need to be informed about because a top priority for all pregnant women is safety – theirs and that of the growing child. When you are pregnant, the life you are living belongs to two people. You do not want to push yourself to extremes or take unwarranted risks just for beauty’s sake!

But misaligned, crooked or malformed teeth can bring a heavy toll to bear on your emotions during pregnancy, which according to those who know better than we do, might not be safe for the two of you. Yes, you and the baby.

How Am I Supposed to Cope with the Risks?

So if there are inherent risks in wearing braces during this time, how can you deal with them? Or put differently, what can compel you to go for braces during your pregnancy? Well, someone once remarked that you need not take your life too seriously because after all is said and done; no one gets out of this life alive!

Even when you are pregnant, you still need to spare yourself moments for fun…laugh, jump, play, and smile as often as you can. But this is where the trouble starts; your fight with self-consciousness, low self-esteem and lack of confidence while you are in other people’s company because your dental formula is malformed!

So How Can I Overcome Such Queasy Feelings?

Rather, are you looking to have perfectly formed teeth so that you smile can be ravishing? Of course your answer is not a no! All of us desire to have stunning looks and enchanting smiles. I once had a tooth that was crookedly jutting out of my mouth at a stroppy angle. I used to feel uncomfortable whenever I had to open my mouth to smile publicly.

I kept on thinking I should have it pulled out, but one time when I raised the issue up with a friend, his girlfriend almost fainted with shock when she overheard what I was saying. The two of us were unable to figure out her reactions until she retorted, “I love your twisted tooth…it makes your smile beautiful!”

You might not be as lucky as I was to have someone think your misaligned teeth make you cute. That is why if your oral malformation makes you uneasy with others, you need to see an orthodontist to fit braces in your mouth.

But wait a minute! There was the issue of your pregnancy. Why don’t we get that out of the way first and then we can head straight to the specialist. Here are the facts straight from the horse’s own mouth.

For a proper diagnosis of your treatment, your orthodontist will advise you to get x-rays before the commencement of the procedure. X-rays largely pose no harm to people, but the tiny quantities of the radiation they emit can be unsafe for the unborn child.

During pregnancy, so many hormonal alterations take place in your body. While the effects of such changes vary from person to person, one common experience that most women go through is the swelling of gums.

And since pregnant women are mostly discouraged from taking painkillers, you would not want to endure the increased sensitivity and agitation that come with braces.

Another thing you don’t want to forget are the peculiar culinary preferences and alterations that will troop in to haunt you while your pregnancy is progressing. You might start craving foods you’d usually never think about, and develop a keen dislike to the dishes you normally love. There are some foods that you will need to avoid while you are with braces. Woes betide you if what you crave to eat in your pregnancy is what you must avoid in braces!

Now, if you are planning to enhance your smile while at the same time you intend to get pregnant not far off, you need to make early preparations. The best time to meet your orthodontist to get the scans and x-rays done is now before you take a dive in the hay! There is no reason to put your life on pause just because you need to straighten your teeth.

A Few More Things about Braces

Braces will definitely add sheen or brilliance and gleam to your smile and personality.

You can choose from a variety of multicolored, clear and or invisalign braces.
Unlike in the past when braces were made of unsightly metals and wires that made wearing them hell, presently you need not be anxious about wearing braces because they are largely made from porcelain that over time will completely totally fuse with your teeth.

Orthodontic treatment takes time, but the rewards of the perfect but elusive smile braces will bring to you is obviously worth the wait.

To eliminate the possibility of having dentures fitted in your mouth later, you need to correct your oral malformation with braces now!

Wearing braces will completely prevent the occurrence of cavities which are caused by misaligned teeth.

Braces can be custom-molded or designed to perfectly fit your mouth.

And lastly for now, remember to avoid some hard-to-bite delicacies like corn on the cob, bagels, apples, and chewy stuff like taffy or caramel.

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