A warm smile is the universal language of kindness

smileA warm smile is the universal language of kindness

No matter where you go in the world, a kind and open smile paves the way for making new friends and brightening everyone’s day. Even when language barriers stop clear communication, a smile shows you mean no harm and want to get along with everyone nearby.

Do Not Hide Your Smile Away

First impressions are so important in this world. When you first meet a new person or walk into a new place, you want everyone to like you and for no problems to arise. A smile is one way this goal gets accomplished, and if you feel shy or self-conscious about sharing your smile, it can cause people to think negatively about you.

Misaligned or unattractive teeth are some of the top reasons why people keep their lips tight shut and fail to share a warm, open smile with others. Gaps, crooked teeth, and missing teeth are looked down upon in this modern world where every celebrity and magazine model has the perfect, gleaming white grin. These problems can affect your social and professional lives.

What Can an Orthodontist Do to Help

A professional orthodontist can provide solutions for all of the above-mentioned problems and more. Even if you have no intention of becoming a toothpaste model, it is important to have a pleasant and attractive smile in this world. Not only will it help you convey friendliness and camaraderie to others you meet, it will also give you the self-confidence to walk into any room and instantly feel at home there. Better still, a bright and beautiful smile will help others feel the same way about you.

Find Your Unique Smile at Gorton & Schmohl Orthodontics

In Larkspur, Calif., you can learn more about orthodontic treatments that will help you find your smile. Gorton & Schmohl Orthodontics has a team of orthodontists who include:

• Dr. Jasmine Gorton
• Dr. Bill Schmohl

At our orthodontic facility, we provide treatments to children, teenagers and adults with these devices:

• Braces – WildSmiles, traditional or ceramic
• Aligners – made by Invisalign
• Retainers – to keep your teeth in place
• Damon Clear – self-ligating devices

Our patients are treated using the Wow Smiles system that creates a unique smile for your face. Call us today at 415-459-8006 to schedule your first appointment.