What is the Invisalign Express Cost? [LATEST FACTS]

What is the Invisalign Express Cost? When Invisalign was first introduced to orthodontic patients, everyone got excited about finally being able to straighten their teeth with virtually invisible plastic trays that could be removed briefly for a minimal impact upon their lifestyle. Now it maybe even easier.

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How Much Does Invisalign Cost for Top Teeth Only?

Today, this alternative to traditional metal braces has once again revolutionized orthodontic treatment by offering an express version that speeds up the process of correcting alignment for those who qualify based upon their tooth and jaw structure and desired results. Naturally, the cost is a common concern for anyone who is exploring the possibility of orthodontic treatment, and you can use this guide to determine if the express system will be a cost-effective way to create a beautiful smile.


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Is It possible to Only Treat the Upper Teeth?

When you have your first consultation with an orthodontist to get Invisalign, they will conduct a full exam of your teeth to determine the best course of treatment. In some cases, they may determine that only the upper teeth need to be straightened. However, it is important to understand that for some people skipping the bottom teeth can create worse problems with alignment. For this reason, you must trust the advice of your orthodontic team when making a decision regarding your treatment. Paying less is never worth not being happy with your results.


Who Is Eligible For the Express Version?

In addition to figuring out whether or not you can get by with only putting braces on your upper teeth, you will learn during your initial consultation if you are eligible for express treatment. Ideal candidates for express aligners have:

  1. Less than two millimeters of spacing issues between their teeth.
  2. Capable of wearing your plastic aligners for at least 22 hours of the day
  3. Age, many orthodontic professionals hesitate to place them on teenagers


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How Do Invisalign Express Aligners Work?

The traditional system involves going through approximately 20 to 30 custom-designed alignment trays to straighten teeth. Since each tray is worn for about two weeks, it can take over a year to complete your treatment using this method. With express aligners, you can expect to use about 10 trays. When your teeth require only a small amount of straightening, this can cut your treatment time in half. Otherwise, the express trays work the same as the traditional system by gradually moving your teeth into their desired positions.


How Does the Cost Compare?

Naturally, using fewer alignment trays in a shorter period of time means that you may save on having to pay for extra trays and appointments with your orthodontist. Only treating the upper teeth will also reduce the cost since you will not need to purchase trays for your bottom teeth. When compared to metal braces, the cost is usually comparable since those often require emergency orthodontic visits due to a need to repair brackets and wires. Overall, choosing the express version for only your upper teeth is a financially savvy way to go if you qualify for this option.


What Are The Options For Payment?

Just as everyone’s teeth are unique, so is their ability to pay for express alignment treatment. During your first consultation, your orthodontic team will discuss your options for treatment along with any costs. The nice thing about plastic aligners is that they rarely come with surprises such as a need for emergency visits that can alter your end cost. Once you have decided upon your course of treatment, your orthodontic office can explain their insurance policies, payment plans and other financial options that make getting straighter teeth affordable.


Are There Other Things to Consider?

While cost is a major deciding factor for many people, it is important to also understand the other benefits that come with choosing Invisalign. For those who have concerns about their public appearance such as business professionals and teenagers, the clear plastic aligners will provide more confidence than bulky metal appliances. The plastic trays are also more comfortable because they do not have wires or brackets that rub against the gums.

Instead, the clear plastic aligners fit snugly against your teeth. And they are smooth enough that most people hardly notice they are wearing them. They can also be removed for eating, drinking, and sports so that you can continue living your normal lifestyle.


What Happens After Invisalign Express Treatment?

You should expect to wear a retainer after any type of orthodontic treatment. This is while your teeth adjust to their new alignment. Doing so helps to ensure long-term results so that you do not have to invest in a second round of treatment. With express alignment, wearing your retainer is even more critical. Since your teeth have had a shorter amount of time to get used to staying in their new positions. You may also need to attend a few follow-up appointments during this retainer period to ensure that your teeth are staying exactly where they are supposed to be in your mouth.



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What is the Invisalign Express Cost? [LATEST FACTS]