Words of Wisdom No. 7 – Stay Fresh

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Our grandmothers always told us to stay fresh when going out in public by wearing clean clothing and brushing our teeth. You can also stay fresh by making sure that your teeth are straight and strong by wearing braces that are designed by an expert orthodontist. If you are an adult with crooked teeth that cause a feeling of embarrassment, then learn about the benefits of clear Invisalign aligners. Clear aligners are perfect for mild to moderate malocclusions of your teeth, especially the ones toward the front of the mouth. These soft and comfortable devices are easy to wear for most of the day, and other people do not see these items inside your mouth.

Orthodontic Treatment can improve Your Overall Appearance

There are other types of braces that help you to keep a fresh appearance by reducing the wide spaces between your teeth. While traditional silver metal bracket and wire devices are still an affordable option, you can opt to wear self-ligating or ceramic orthodontia devices instead. It is possible for young children to undergo orthodontic treatment to ensure permanent teeth erupt into the correct positions, but more adults are choosing to keep fresh by improving their smile. Visiting an orthodontist is an important way to improve your overall health by correcting a bad bite that causes jaw pain.

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An important part of orthodontic treatment is getting a natural and individualized smile. A knowledgeable orthodontist understands how to look at a patient’s facial anatomy to determine the best type of braces for their teeth, including:

• Invisalign aligners
• Damon devices
• Color brackets and wires

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