Orthodontic Fact #4 Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to lose all your teeth before you get braces. In fact, treatments can start at the young age of 7


There is the common misconception that a child needs to lose all of his or her baby teeth before the use of traditional metal braces is possible. It is true that orthodontists used to recommend that orthodontic treatment begin when the child is a teenager. However, this is no longer the case. It is now possible for children as young as seven years of age to safely receive orthodontic treatment with the use of braces. It is common for children to have permanent teeth erupt at that age.

The importance of straight teeth

As a parent, it is imperative that you do everything within your power to ensure that your children have straight teeth as they enter into adulthood. This will make it much easier for them to chew foods that are hard. They will also have better annunciation which will allow them to speak more clearly.

A special type of orthodontist

It is important to understand that not all orthodontists will have the necessary skills to provide adequate treatment for your child. You will need to find someone who has a great deal of experience working with children who have a combination of permanent and primary teeth. This will be the only way to totally ensure that your child gets the best care possible.

Gorton & Schmohl Orthodontics

Dr. Bill Schmohl and Dr. Jasmine Gorton have helped many children around the Larkspur, California area to get the straight teeth and the attractive smile that every person should have. Therefore, you should consider their services if you are looking for an orthodontist for your child. They will give you all the necessary info regarding what exactly is involved with using braces or Invisalign for your child’s orthodontic treatment. Invisalign aligners are preferable to many children because they can be easily removed. Find out more information about these orthodontists, take a virtual tour of their office or make an appointment.