Do Braces Make the Roots of Your Teeth Shorter? 1

Do Braces Make the Roots of Your Teeth Shorter?

makeupPeople are often concerned about root shortening (root resorption) when it comes to braces and Invisalign. With the use of modern orthodontic techniques, it is highly unlikely for a patient to experience any significant root resorption.

The Basics of Resorption

Research shows that for orthodontic patients, only 2% of them will finish treatment with root resorption that the eye can detect on an xray. Other studies indicate that some people are genetically more prone to root shortening. Other contributing factors can be a very long time in braces, pushing the teeth too hard, or trying to push the teeth too fast in the absence of acceleration techniques. Fortunately, a tooth can often withstand a significant amount of root resorption without having any long term symptoms. The literature reports that a root can lose as much as half of its length without having any impact on the person. Even people genetically predisposed to root shortening typically don’t lose more than 1/4 of the root length. That means that even though it is visible on the xrays, it is not a medical problem.

To minimize the incidence of root resorption, Drs Gorton & Schmohl focus on optimizing the treatment timing for each patient, to avoid having the braces on too long, they use the latest technology in gentle wires to move the teeth to keep the forces gentle, and they only move teeth more quickly if they have changed the surrounding environment with proven acceleration techniques such as Acceledent, Biolux, and/or PROPEL / microperforation. At the time of this writing, board certified Drs Jasmine Gorton and Bill Schmohl are the only orthodontic practice in the area offering all 3 of these innovative techniques to improve efficiency without increasing the concern about root resorption (as evidenced in our before and after records).

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