What is the Best Age for My Child to See an Orthodontist?

What is the Best Age for My Child to See an Orthodontist? 2

What Is the Best Age For My Child To See an Orthodontist?

Seeking Early Orthodontic Treatment For Your Child Is Essential

When you are a parent, you probably want to know the best age for your child to visit an orthodontist for an evaluation. In the past, experts recommended waiting until a child was older, but today, orthodontists suggest an earlier evaluation to determine if a child has facial or mouth abnormalities. If a child has a problem with her palate or jawbone, then it is easier to repair the abnormality when she is younger. As children become older, their bones are harder, making it more difficult to change the growth patterns of a jaw or palate.

Having Straight Teeth Will Improve Your Child’s Overall Well-being

In addition, if you notice that your young child has malocclusions of her primary teeth, then she will have a poor bite. Having a poor bite at a younger age indicates that the permanent teeth will also be misaligned, and a bad bite can make it difficult for your child to chew food or speak properly. In many cases, bad bites and tooth malocclusions are genetic, and if you or your older children had these problems, then a younger child may also have misaligned teeth.

Congenital Abnormalities Can Require Early Orthodontic Treatment

When your child has a congenital condition in her mouth, visiting an orthodontist at an early age is essential. Congenital conditions of the face and mouth such as a cleft lip or palate can require extensive orthodontic treatment at a young age. If your child has a growth disorder, then her jawbone may need treatment with headgear or expanders to create a larger mouth that is big enough for the majority of her adult teeth.

Bring Your Child To an Orthodontist When She Loses Her First Primary Teeth

According to several orthodontic associations, having a child’s teeth and oral cavity examined by the age of 7 is necessary. At this age, a child is typically beginning to lose some of her primary teeth and a few of her permanent teeth are erupting. An orthodontist can collect X-rays of your child’s face and mouth to determine if the erupted teeth are healthy and also, you can learn more about the tooth buds that are still in your child’s gums.

Prepare Your Child For Her First Orthodontic Visit

Bringing a younger child to an orthodontist might seem like a frightening experience for her, so you should make sure to prepare in advance by talking about the appointment. You can bring your younger child to an older sibling’s appointment so that she will learn what occurs at the orthodontic facility. It is important for older siblings to avoid telling your young child any horror stories that will make her nervous.

The Orthodontist Will Examine Your Child’s Teeth

The office staff and hygienist will make your child feel welcome, and there is often a fun area in the orthodontic facility that is designed for children who need to wait for an appointment. If an orthodontist finds problems with your child’s oral cavity or teeth, then she might need to begin treatment right away, or alternatively, the orthodontist may recommend waiting until more of her permanent teeth erupt.

What Are the Different Types Of Malocclusions?

Children can have an assortment of malocclusions, including:

  • Overlapping teeth
  • Wide spaces between teeth
  • Crossbite
  • Overbite
  • Impacted teeth
  • Abnormally shaped teeth
  • Extra teeth
  • Missing teeth

If your child requires braces, then the devices are customized to fit properly while the items apply pressure against the teeth.

What Type Of Braces Can Children Wear?

An orthodontist can help you plan your child’s orthodontic treatment. Young children must wear braces rather than using aligners to straighten their teeth. The most affordable option for children is traditional metallic braces that have steel wires and brackets. However, some children want to wear brightly colored wires and fancier brackets that have designs. It is also possible for children to have lingual braces that have brackets that are fastened to the backs of their teeth.

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