Why should I feel confident about Invisalign?



In the course of exploring all the different options, there are for straightening your or your children’s teeth, you’ve most likely heard about Invisalign. This revolutionary system is a great alternative to traditional wire braces.
The use of wire hardware to straighten teeth is notorious for its discomfort and impracticality. Not only that, but it also carries the possibility of other, more serious problems, such as plaque build-up, tooth/bracket breakage or even tooth loss, due to decay from not being able to clean your teeth properly under the wire obstruction.


Is Invisalign Customized Just For You?

The Invisalign system is just as effective at straightening teeth, yet is much more comfortable, practical and stylish than its old-fashioned counterpart. This makes it a great choice for adults and teenagers alike.  If you have not yet experienced the benefits of this system for yourself, you may be asking: why should I be confident that it will be the best thing for me or my teen? There are many ways in which this modern system of teeth-straightening surpasses the traditional wire model. In terms of comfort, reliability and practicality, this system is unmatched.  This modern approach this system takes to teeth-straightening uses a set of plastic aligners that are custom-made to fit your specific teeth. People all over the world are talking about this.

How Does Invisalign Work?

  • At your initial appointment, your orthodontist will take a 3-D digital scan of your teeth with a laser scanner—far more convenient and appealing than having to take multiple impressions!
  • Based on these images, he/she will create a precise treatment plan just for you, using such personalized information as the exact movements of your teeth, the approximate length of the treatment you will need, and how your teeth are expected to react to each stage of the treatment.
  • A set of aligners is then created just for you based on this individualized treatment plan.

Since your aligners are customized just for you, you can be confident that you will get the exact treatment your individual mouth requires.

What about its design?

Another way in which this alternative system of teeth-straightening has an advantage over its wire predecessor is that its plastic aligners are much easier to wear, due to their comfort and practicality.

Is Invisalign comfortable?

Unlike traditional braces, these aligners are made out of a smooth, comfortable, BPA-free plastic that is comfortable to wear for hours on end. This non-offending, long-wearing plastic won’t irritate your teeth and gums or cause sores the way wire can.

Is Invisalign Practical?

These personalized plastic aligners are removable and should be replaced every two weeks. The aligners also can and should be removed whenever you eat or brush and floss your teeth. This renders these tasks so much easier to do than they would have been in the past with the old-fashioned method of teeth-straightening. Having removable aligners also means that your food won’t stick to any hardware in your mouth. Even though your teeth are in the process of being straightened, you are not restricted in terms of what you can eat. You don’t ever have to worry about getting roughly textured food such as popcorn, apples, corn on the cob or pizza crust stuck in your teeth!



Does Invisalign Save Time?

Old-fashioned wire hardware often requires you to go to your doctor once a week for tightening. With this new system, those weekly visits are a thing of the past. Besides replacing your custom plastic aligners every two weeks, you only need to go in for a check-up with your orthodontist every four to six weeks to make sure everything’s going all right.

Is Invisalign Great For Teens?

This teeth-straightening system is particularly helpful for and popular with teens for all the above reasons and more. One additional boon for teenagers using this system: the company offers 6 free additional aligners to teens in the case of their originals getting lost or broken. This saves money and also helps puts parents’ minds at ease about anything happening to their child’s aligners. The aligners do not interfere with any extracurricular activities such as sports or playing an instrument. In the past, teens who were straightening their teeth would have to worry about getting their lip cut by a flying volleyball or the mouthpiece of a wind instrument. With this system, teenagers don’t have to put any restrictions on which activities they want to do.

Studies have shown that teenagers are twice as likely to feel more self-confident about their appearance when they are using the clear plastic aligners, versus the traditional wire system. The same certainly holds true for adults. Some adults who need help straightening their teeth later in life may feel self-conscious about it, but this system’s clear plastic aligners are virtually invisible in your mouth, meaning nobody needs to know you’re straightening your teeth other than you.

What are the Health Benefits?

Many people don’t realize that having good oral hygiene is integral to the health of the rest of the body. Taking good care of your teeth is one of the most important ways you take care of yourself. This system is healthier than the traditional one in several ways:

  • Since with the removable aligners you can brush and floss your teeth with no obstruction, this results in much better periodontal health.
  • Having straight and healthy teeth leads to better overall health: you have less of a chance of developing heart disease, pneumonia, and diabetes, among other conditions.

For all these reasons, you know you can be confident in choosing Invisalign for yourself or your teen The professionals at Gordon and Schmohl Orthodontics have years’ worth of experience in using this system with their patients. Drs. Gordon and Schmohl have been providing this service to patients since 1999, and their office has been consistently rated as one of their Elite Preferred Providers every year since. Call Gordon and Schmohl Orthodontics for your initial screening today.

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