How Can Early Treatment Save (Time, Money, and Effort?)

Early treatment for any dental issue can save you valuable time, money and effort. In fact, an ounce of prevention is worth an entire mouth of cure when it comes to dental disease. Many dental issues can be simple to fix if caught and treated early, while they can grow to be much more expensive if you wait to get treatment.


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Getting issues corrected in the early stages can save you from having more extensive operations and procedures such as tooth extraction and root canals. Some issues can be corrected in single visit for a low price, while neglected can grow to be a mouth-wide problem resulting in the need for thousands of dollars of corrective repairs and treatments.


Tooth Decay

Perhaps the most well-known issue affecting teeth in both children and adults is dental decay. At its most basic form, decay is the growth of dental bacteria that cause holes and damage to the outer layers of your teeth. This damage can often be corrected by your dental care provider, with a simple excavation of deteriorated tooth surfaces and replacement with filling material, or bonding. If treatment isn’t initiated early on however, the damage can even affect neighboring teeth and end up costing a lot more money. Orthodontists are most experienced in such issues and should be consulted for moderate and advanced cases of dental decay.

Having your cavities fixed early on will definitely save you money, as a repair for minor cavities may cost less than a few hundred, whereas major dental repairs can cost patients thousands of dollars. Some of these repairs, such as root canals, will require multiple visits to your orthodontist, consuming a lot of your valuable time. Tooth loss will cost you more than time and money, though, you will also require more effort to keep your teeth in good condition, as repaired teeth may need follow-up care for months or years to come. For example, a root canal to seal off damaged teeth at the root can require two or three treatment sessions per tooth due to the lengthy process of drilling and sealing nerve spaces within the tooth.


Alignment Issues Need Treatment

Some dental issues can cause misalignment, as can the natural tooth formation in children who have under- or overbites. To correct alignment issues, most orthodontists recommend either braces or another treatment option. These tools that keep your teeth in alignment can easily be seen as preventive or early treatment because without god alignment you will face problems such as Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorder, or TMJ.


Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorder

Our orthodontists can address your TMJ issues such as pain when chewing and clicking and popping within the jaw. These issues can start from misaligned teeth and other orthodontic problems such as extra bony growth. Many of these problems can be corrected early on and you can prevent the pain of TMJ altogether. For those already suffering from TMJ symptoms, you can prohibit the problem from growing worse simply by coming in for treatment early on.



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Braces for TMJ and Other Alignment Issues

Braces are the traditional solution for all alignment issues. They have been around for over 100 years in nearly modern form, and therefore are an excellent time-tested solution for those who have teeth out of place. They can fix TMJ pain because they correct teeth into their proper positions, allowing the jaw the rest in a more comfortable setting. You should bring in your children for evaluation as soon as they have developed permanent teeth. So that any misalignment issues can be addressed early on.

This will help you save money and prevent trips to the orthodontic center later on. Don’t try to be the judge of whether your own child needs corrective treatment. Many issues are subtle in early stages. Your orthodontist will be able to detect these issues at the very primary stages to save you money in the long-run.


Invisalign, Is It Right For Me?

Many patients want to know more about the Invisalign products, and for good reason. These products allow patients to correct their teeth into the right posture and setting without anyone seeing the dental equipment. As it is nearly invisible. As you may have seen on TV or other advertising, this is a clear plastic piece you simply set over your teeth and allow to straighten your smile. You will need to come in occasionally to get a new The mouth piece custom made for you, as progressive is made in your orthodontic hygiene.


As to whether Invisalign is better than traditional treatment or not is up to the patient. With this option you will simply need to replace your product every couple of weeks instead of having to come in and get your brace wires adjusted, or new bands installed. Depending on your insurance status and a few other factors, this can be comparable to traditional treatment, in terms of price. Having this more modern treatment can actually help you prevent costlier treatment in the future. As misaligned teeth can cause problems with your bite that lasts for years or may even require surgery.

This can include TMJ and under-bite, or overbite, as well as grinding of the teeth. Come in for a consultation and let us help you decide which option is best for you. For many patients who have the opportunity this is the better option. While some patients prefer the look and cost-effectiveness of traditional wire-based treatment.


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How Can Early Treatment Save (Time, Money, and Effort?)