What Are the Discomforts with Invisalign? (Epic Facts)

Invisalign is an orthodontic set of teeth aligners that exert pressure on the teeth making the teeth to move into a different position. Many people who opt for Invisalign over braces report both positive and negative effects. While teeth aligners are viewed by many people as better treatment options for people with various teeth conditions, patients often experience certain discomforts when they use this form of treatment. Many people over the world are all about this.



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Discomforts with Invisalign


What are the Effects on Speech?

When orthodontic patients wear their teeth aligners, many experience problems with speech. This occurs mainly because the edges of the teeth aligners press against the lips and the tongue interfering with speech. Many patients experience this effect during the beginning of their treatment. However, as the patients progress to subsequent treatment trays, they realize that the trays do not interfere with speech as much as they used to in the beginning.


How Does Invisalign Cause Headaches?

It is a medical fact that your face, jaw, and teeth are all connected. thus, moving the teeth positions will cause the jaw to become misaligned. Symptoms occouring from this include:

  • Jaw popping or grinding
  • Jaw pain
  • Neck pain
  • Earaches
  • Headaches

If these occur when undergoing treatment seek immediate advice from your orthodontist.


Invisalign Side Effects if Any?

In short

  • A lisp and a tight feeling around your jaw and teeth.
  • A pinch is another way to describe it.
  • Weight loss is a side effect, one many may seem as positive.
  • Nausea is another side effect thats seems to arise. This is just your mouth being confused at the newness.
  • Sensitive feeling teeth or tooth ache after you remove the aligners will occur. It is not bad.
  • Dry mouth

You can link here for a DENTALTOWN forum. https://www.dentaltown.com/blog/post/3066/invisalign-reactions-and-side-effects-as-told-by-patients-across-the-country and read up on real questions about negative effects of invisalign asked by real people.


What about Bad Breath?

Tooth trays do not allow saliva to wash over the patient’s mouth. Therefore, many patients experience dryness in the mouth and bad breath. Bad breath could also be as a result of the irritation caused by the buttons and the trays. Patients can also develop cavities on their teeth since saliva cannot remove any leftover substances. Patients can stop the development of cavities, bad breath and dry mouth by drinking plenty of water and brushing their teeth every day.


Will my Bite Change?

As the treatment progresses, many patients find that, they accidentally bite the inside of their cheek more often. This occurs because the patients are used to their old bites and do not make adjustments for the new teeth positions. Therefore, as the patents chew, they bite down on their inner lip or cheek. Patients are advised to wash their mouths immediately with antibacterial mouthwash whenever they accidentally bite the inner part of their cheeks.





Will the Retainers Affect the Vitality of my Teeth?

Tooth trays can significantly affect the vitality of patients’ teeth. This form of treatment can kill the nerves of the teeth, especially if any of the teeth have sustained previous injuries. Patients that experience nerve damage during treatment may be required to undergo additional orthodontic treatment such as root canal, restorative work or removal of the affected tooth altogether. Teeth nerve damage can be quite painful. In addition, tooth trays may cause problems with crowns and fillings, which may become dislodged during treatment.


Will the Retainers Hurt?

During treatment, tooth trays may cause discomfort including dental tenderness. Many patients experience some form of discomfort around the mouth especially during the early stages of treatment using. While many patients experience mouth dryness as a result of the tooth trays, some experience increased salivation as a side effect of the treatment.


Do I Need to Worry About Root Damage?

Tooth trays initiate a cellular response around the tissues surrounding the roots of the teeth that allow the teeth to move. This cellular response may damage the ends of the root of the teeth. In some severe cases, the cellular response can cause total damage of the teeth. The damage may be experienced during or after treatment, especially if a patient experienced root resorption during previous treatment. The damage may cause your teeth to lose bone and gum support.



The aligned teeth may not remain stable after treatment because of changing teeth and jaw structures that occurs over time, and tooth trays cannot stop this process. Patients may be required to wear retainers after treatment for several years.


Other Discomforts

Other discomforts may be caused by aligner breakage. Patients sometimes risk swallowing or breathing in broken tooth aligners. Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is another risk associated with tooth trays. This condition may cause headaches, earaches and pain around the joints of the jaw. In addition, some patients experience allergic reactions to tooth aligners.

Tooth trays are treatment alternatives to traditional braces. They consist of nearly invisible aligner trays that are placed over the teeth. These aligner trays are changed after every two or three weeks. Tooth trays are designed to gradually shift teeth into proper alignment. Many teeth specialists recommend tooth trays as good treatment options to help transform patients’ smiles without affecting their day-to-day lives. However, there are discomforts and risks associated with tooth trays.




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What Are the Discomforts with Invisalign? (Epic Facts)