Is Alcohol-free, Sugar-free Breath Spray Okay to Use with Invisalign?

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Is Alcohol-free, Sugar-free Breath Spray Okay to Use with Invisalign?

Bad breath or “halitosis” can occur for a number of reasons, even when using successful oral health products like Invisalign. Many people have been amazed at the advantages associated with using these invisible aligners. The smooth, comfortable, almost unseeable plastic braces can be worn over the teeth, while slowly and mildly shifting them into place. The treatment is carried out by a qualified orthodontist who will diligently inform the patient about the importance of oral hygiene. Still, bad breath is a real possibility and must be dealt with in the most practical way possible.

Unfortunately, despite relentless brushing and adequate dental care, bad breath can persist. Still, the majority of people wearing aligners prefer not to take them out each time they go through their oral hygiene routine. As things go, some conventional methods of refreshing breath are deemed useless; therefore, it is vital to find the right approach to combat the off-putting smell of bad breath.


Is Alcohol-Free, Sugar-Free Breath Spray Okay to Use with Invisalign?

This is a relevant question due to the association of bad breath and clear aligners. Common sense actions like frequently drinking water will certainly help; however, most people prefer something that feels more refreshing. Short of taking out the aligners each time, a simple solution is an alcohol and sugar free breath spray.

Why Use a Sugar-Free Breath Spray?

It’s common knowledge that sugar plays a huge role in the development of cavities. Although the saliva in the mouth breaks down the sugar and helps with digestion, sugar can still get trapped underneath braces. If saliva can’t reach those areas, problems can develop. Sugar-free breath sprays can halt this devastating process as sugar is not part of the product ingredients. The sugar is usually used to enhance the breath spray’s flavor; even so, it is worth the effort to search for a spray without it. Avoiding sugar in breath sprays is simply taking a necessary precaution to prevent additional issues.

Why Use an Alcohol-Free Breath Spray?

Those who like to indulge in a glass of wine or spirits may find themselves with dreadful breath in the morning. The explanation is simple, alcohol induces bad breath. The effect alcohol has on the mouth is to make it dry and decrease the production of saliva. Saliva is crucial for maintaining or balancing the bacteria in the mouth. Sprays with alcohol in them will have the opposite effect. This is the primary reason why alcohol sprays lead to bad breath. When an individual is wearing aligners, trapped alcohol will become an issue allowing bacteria to build-up until the aligners are abstracted and cleaned.

A Sugar and Alcohol-Free Spray Is the Best Solution

When searching for a breath spray to deal with halitosis, a sugar and alcohol-free brand is the best solution. If there is nothing available at a nearby pharmacy, an online search or asking the practitioner who tailored the aligners should prove quite helpful as well. A handy size spray that can easily be carried around would be ideal.

Luckily, alcohol and sugar-free sprays are common today and should not be too difficult to find. Nonetheless, the sugar-free spray taste will not be as appealing as sprays made with sugar. This could be a problem for a small child who cannot fully comprehend the reason why they can’t have the better tasting spray. Older children or adults will more than likely be able to tolerate the taste of the few squirts it takes to keep bad breath at bay.

Possible Bad Breath Causes

If bad breath persists, there could be underlying causes. The problem could be tonsil stones, a condition where clusters of calcified matter forms in the fleshy cushioned section behind the throat or tonsils. Simply put, fragments of food become stuck in the back of the throat, and as the food substance disintegrates, it causes inexorable bad breath. The aligners themselves could also be a contributor to bad breath. Occasionally, the braces are not cleaned properly causing halitosis to develop.

In some cases, severe bad breath could be hiding a more serious condition. Therefore, it’s important to mention the condition to the right professional. In this case, it would be the orthodontist who fitted the aligners. They will be able to help determine if there is another underlying cause that might be contributing to the condition.

A Few More Words for Thought

A sugar and alcohol-free breath spray is one way to approach a bad breath problem while wearing Invisalign. However, one can never be too cautious. Proper oral hygiene is essential, as bad breath can wreck havoc on an individual’s personal and social life. A great smile can be a great boost to a person’s self-esteem and fresh smelling breath is an added bonus.

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