How to Overcome Your Fear of Having Braces



How to Overcome Your Fear of Having Braces

The idea of braces may be something that is frightening to you. You may not want to face your friends and family members\

while you are wearing a large tooth alignment apparatus on your teeth. You may be nervous about the pain and discomfort that the initial installation or the progressive tightening process will cause you. Perhaps you think that your teeth will begin to decay because the brackets will prevent you from being able to take care of them. The good news is that you neither have to lose your comfort or your reputation. Many options are available for you in the present age of dental technology.


What are traditional braces?

Traditional brackets are still an excellent choice for many reasons. They are the sturdiest option that is available today. You can come out of your treatment with gorgeously straight teeth. However, metal brackets can be a drag, especially if you are a college student or you work in a customer-facing position and you have to talk to customers all night long. In those cases, you may want to explore some alternative options so that you can choose the one that makes the most sense to you. The following are just a few of the alternative options you have:

What Are Lingual Brackets?

Lingual brackets are beautiful options to choose because they closely resemble the traditional option. In fact, lingual options have traditional metal brackets on them. The difference is that the dentist puts them on behind the teeth so that no one can see them. You can care for your customers, your family, and your fans without letting metal get in the way. Many orthodontic patients choose lingual brackets as their substitute for the traditional ones because they get the confidence of a strong system plus the discretion. They are a common alternative for people who have severe malocclusion.

What Is The Damon System?

Damon Braces are options that can assist you with the idea of pain. They contain self-ligating brackets, so you will not have to go to the orthodontist for frequent tightening. The Damon brackets are a bit smaller than traditional metal brackets are, as well. You will have many reasons to obtain some of these brackets instead of the other ones. Many patients have had success with the Damon units.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a popular new option that takes teeth alignment to a revolutionary level. The system is made of plastic aligners that you can take off whenever you like. Is that not amazing? For decades, orthondontic patients had to worry about restricted diets, lack of discretion and the tightening process. Invsialign eliminated all those worries. First, patients can be as discreet as they like because the aligners are clear. No one can tell the person is wearing the device unless he or she would get directly in that person’s mouth. A patient can keep dental hygiene perfectly because the device can come off for tooth brushing and other activities.

The way the system works is that a lab technician creates a set of plastic aligners for a person.That person then puts the aligners on and wears them for two weeks. When the two weeks are up, the person switches to the next set of aligners. The process continues until all the teeth become gradually pulled to the spot in which they belong. Sometimes Invisalign can work quickly to resolve a minor law. Many patents have raved about how they got finished with the treatment in less than one year.

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An orthodontist will discuss orthodontic options with you to repair problems such as crowded teeth, crossbites or overbites. Depending on your malocclusions, you can wear one of these devices:

• Retainers
• Invisalign
• WildSmiles
• Braces with colors
• Traditional or Damon Clear

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How to Overcome Your Fear of Having Braces